Top 10 new gay travel hot spots


Sure there’s Amsterdam, Miami and Rio, but for travelers looking for an alternative to the typical gay-friendly destinations, there are cities around the world you might not have thought of as popular gay destinations. Check out our list of 10 up-and-coming gay travel hot spots in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East for LGBT-friendly vacations.

1. Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

santa fe

San Francisco may be the West Coast’s most popular gay-friendly city, but travel farther south to New Mexico and you’ll find the up-and-coming destination, Santa Fe. A relatively small city by comparison, Santa Fe is known for its rich history, culture, beauty and charm. Most visitors venture to Santa Fe for its abundance of art and exquisite dining. While there is no district or region specific to gay visitors, travelers of all backgrounds will be welcomed in New Mexico’s capital.

2. Cancun, Mexico


Long a mecca for sun seekers and spring breakers, Cancun has now begun to cater to the gay community as well. The whole of the Riviera Maya area offers a mix of scenes from laid back beach to luxury resort to party central – with gay alternatives at every turn. Ever the trendsetter, Cancun has even started to open “men only” hotels. And with beaches, diving and archeological wonders to entertain by day, and dining, dancing and general revelry for nighttime, there is never a shortage of fun in Cancun.

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