African Homosexual Couple Comes Out Strong: The New Trending Hashtag

#FineQueerCouple takes over Africa

Knowing how colonialism is constantly blamed for bringing homosexuality to the countries it has taken over, it might be easy to avoid talking about homosexuality in countries that were once colonized by Britain. However, in recent times, it is hard for a country to discriminate against homosexual couples out rightly.

In Africa, like a lot many other countries, homosexuality is still a taboo.  And even though South Africa has legalized same-sex marriages, a lot of African countries are still to come to terms with the practice. An online movement, for instance, has made people talk about just how important it is for homosexuality to be accepted as a general practice. It’s perhaps just what Africa needs to talk about the topic more openly, and understand the queer needs of people.

The Hashtag, #FineQueerCouple

Recently, an African homosexual group started with the #FineQueerCouple and encouraged the homosexual committee to come up with innovative ideas and pictures to support the same.

Taking it further, homosexual couples all around Africa started posting pictures and love filled captions with their partners on Twitter.  This hashtag turned into a moment for the LGBTQ committee in Africa who are advocating for legal changes in the system for homosexuals to be recognised legally. A lot of people who did not belong to the committee came out in support of it too.

Nonetheless, there was a heavy backlash as well. The conservative group condemned in the name of God and the hashtag was mentioned as a violation of human dignity as well.

What other African nations have to say

Over the course, it has been seen than being homosexual isn’t something that people hide anymore. Instead, it’s considered a matter of pride. Those who have been brave enough to come out with their identity has been praised by people around the world.

Though the African continent is pretty divided over it, homosexuality is legally protected in South Africa, whereas countries like Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Rwanda, Lessotho, Guineas- Bassus, homosexuality is recognised but legally guaranteed protection hadn’t been recognised yet.

What About the Others?

Apart from these countries, a very major African country, Kenya has openly spoken up about how homosexuality is an issue not just about recognising the freedom and rights constitutionally, but to what part does the society extend the acceptance to it. Kenya has been a zipped up in its conservative environment for a very long time.

At a time when major international corporations like the online gambling company Betway is making investments into the country, it is time for African nations to wake up to the fact that individual needs and preferences might differ, and accept homosexuality with open arms..

That still does seem a long way to go, as a lot of African leaders blamed how Britishers inculcated this culture – which isn’t true since the Britishers themselves were against it back then. They forget that adapting to the age-old culture of their rulers, would never help them to move away from the colonial times.